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Kiosk displays have become increasingly prevalent in various sectors, including business, education, and the automotive industry. In businesses, these displays are used for self-service checkouts in retail stores, enabling customers to scan and pay for their purchases independently. Restaurants employ them for ordering and payment systems, reducing wait times. In educational institutions, kiosks simplify administrative processes like student registration and attendance tracking. Museums and exhibitions use kiosks to provide interactive and informative experiences for visitors. Transportation hubs utilize them for self-service ticketing, boarding pass printing, and wayfinding assistance.

In the automotive industry, kiosk displays have found valuable applications. Car dealerships use interactive kiosks to provide customers with detailed information about vehicles for sale, allowing them to explore models, compare features, and customize options. Car rental agencies employ kiosks for self-service check-ins, streamlining the rental process. Service centers and repair shops use kiosks to provide customers with real-time updates on vehicle repairs. Car showrooms and exhibitions use interactive kiosk displays to showcase models, specifications, and innovative features. These applications enhance customer engagement, streamline processes, and contribute to an enhanced overall experience.