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Healthcare facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes are all realizing how LEDscopic can revolutionize methods of communication with both patients and staff. The use of LEDscopic has numerous visual communication benefits for your healthcare facility.
Here are several ways your facility can use these visual tools to improve overall patient and visitor experiences:

  • Provide patients with valuable information such as hospital hours, FAQs, staff directories, as well as locations of in-house facilities such as pharmacies, gift shops, and cafeterias.
  • Display information regarding common seasonal illnesses as well as new treatment solutions and medical procedures updates
  • Keep your patients and staff up to date on of important information, daily news, and provided services
  • Highlight optional specialty services, such as weight loss clinics, wellness programs, etc
  • Guide visitors, staff, and patients through your facility with Digital Signage as interactive map
  • Amp up exposure to signs by placing them in high traffic areas
  • Sell advertising space to other health related businesses and drug companies

Some additional features that our signs offer and are capable of include:

  • Artwork options based on easy-to-edit premade templates
  • Live display of weather feeds and updates with our built-in weather app
  • Live RSS, news, and stock market feeds
  • Unlimited technical support and training

Let us help you develop an all in one solution for your LED Kiosk Display needs!