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Help your guests feel welcome while making them aware of your hotel's amenities and services. Incorporating LED Kiosk Display into your hotel is the perfect advertising solution, ideal for lobbies, hallways, and conference centers. Not only will these signs captivate the attention of your customers, but they will also increase your sales significantly. Benefits and capabilities of our line of LED Kiosk Display include:

  • Increased sales through greater guest awareness of amenities and facilities
  • Provide dates, times, and locations for upcoming meetings and events
  • Provide way-finding maps, directions, and room listings from the lobby
  • Provide information on local attractions, flights, events, and activities
  • Promote value-added services, including room upgrades and loyalty programs
  • Display welcome messages for conferences and large group events
  • Congratulate valued guests on birthdays or anniversaries

Some additional features that our signs offer and are capable of include:

  • Artwork options based on easy-to-edit premade templates
  • Live display of weather feeds and updates with our built-in weather app
  • Live RSS, news, and stock market feeds
  • Unlimited technical support and training

Let us help you develop an all in one solution for your LED Kiosk Display needs!